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Famous Jingle Writers

Over the years some very famous people cut their “song writing” teeth on jingles for radio and television. Some of the most famous are Barry Manilow, Jim Brickman and Randy Newman.

Barry Manilow wrote many great jingles including “I am stuck on Band-Aid, and a Band-Aid’s stuck on me”, as well as the State Farm song “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there”. How famous is that?! What great imaging for Band Aid and State Farm.

Randy Newman wrote quite a few too including a famous jingle for Dr. Pepper. One of the most prolific of the famous jingle writers has been Jim Brickman who is known for his beautiful piano albums. He wrote “Be a Flintstone Kid”. “G.E. We bring good things to light.” “Just for the taste of it… Diet Coke.” And many more.

Jingle writing is an interesting and very rewarding endeavor. It is very satisfying to help a business make their advertising exponentially more effective and appealing.