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Welcome to ICR Jingles!

Welcome to ICR Music Imaging Jingles!  Research shows, a song for your business dramatically improves advertising recall rates for your potential customers.   It’s the most important advertising tool your business will ever own.  We will work hard to make sure you love your new jingle.  Please listen to our demos and read about our easy process.

ICR Jingles are different. We make sure your song is unique and customized to fit your business’ personality and style. We always create your song from scratch, with simply guitar and voice. When you like the simple “pencil sketch” of your song we will then move to create the most outstanding piece of customized music you’ve ever heard!

Our process is quick, simple and most of all, effective for your advertising whether it’s radio, television, web, telephone on hold or any other audio media you choose. This piece of custom music is for your business and it’s yours for life. Let’s explore how ICR Jingles can work for you.